A Distributor’s Guide to Private Labeling With Berk’s Custom Solutions

A Distributor’s Guide to Private Labeling With Berk’s Custom Solutions

Berk International is the proud manufacturing partner to a network of high-quality nonwoven wipe, tissue, and paper towel distributors — experts who are always innovating new ways to facilitate clean and sanitary work environments for their industry customers. The fifth and final step in the Roadmap to Success not only marks a “graduation” from beginning partner to full-fledged Berk distributor — it also creates ongoing opportunities for engaged distributors to expand their reach. 

This article will explore the last step outlined in the Roadmap — Package Your Products — and give you an inside look at one of Berk’s greatest strengths: our unparalleled customization capabilities for private label wipes, tissues, and towels.

Private Label: Helping Your Distribution Business Thrive 

It’s no secret that private label products can be a game-changer for an already thriving distributor base. Having your own custom branding on a proven product opens up an entirely new avenue for marketing and gives your team a competitive advantage. But what if a distributor wants to take things a step further and put their own twist on an already-existing product from their manufacturer’s catalog? 

For many product suppliers, this request would be a nonstarter — but as usual, a manufacturing partnership with Berk yields different results. Our commitment to your success includes the option for custom solutions on a case-by-case basis.  

Bringing Your Product Vision To Life

Sometimes, Berk distributors have an idea for a product that doesn’t even exist in the product catalog. For example, they may want to sell a specific material in a roll format or size that’s different from the norm. These ideas most often come up during monthly conversations with our distributors’ account executives about how to make greater inroads into their markets. 

We know that our distributors understand the needs of their clients best. Berk sees these requests for custom private label products as a great opportunity to offer visible, tangible, creative support – and to fulfill the ultimate goal of enabling a safe and clean environment for any end user.

Success Stories: How Berk’s Custom Private Labeling Impacts Distributors 

Berk is pleased to receive positive feedback from our partners with each custom solution we provide. Here are just a few of many instances where our fully-tailored private label wipes, tissues, and paper towels created new opportunities and avenues for growth for our distributors:

  • A Standout Shelf Presence: A recent distributor partner sold products in a home improvement store and wanted to create their own brand to stand out on retail shelves. Using our existing wide range of materials, Berk created a custom, private label wiper product — and formatted tailored branding to fit onto the wiper boxes. We even designed the branding for cardboard aisle-end stands to catch the attention of browsing shoppers!

  • Adding Novelty to Existing Products: Another distributor partner was pleased with the format options for a wiper product Berk carries — but needed the product in a different color and with a slightly heavier build. Berk’s state-of-the-art production lines allow us to manufacture 98% of our products in-house, giving us full control over the process from beginning to end. For this and other instances of high-volume, but specific orders, we create individualized end products by tweaking the material characteristics in production to meet the distributor’s unique requirements. 

  • A Network of Success: When a distributor client requests a specific type of wiper, tissue, or towel that we don’t already produce as part of our robust catalog, we can easily make use of our nationwide manufacturing partner network to locate the product elsewhere — effectively customizing our own product lineup to meet any number of specific needs.

Making Private Label Affordable & Attainable 

One of the last remaining barriers that distributors cite in conversations about going private label is the question of cost. Towel, tissue, and wipes wholesale distributors catering to all industries deserve access to the highest quality products — without creating significant financial strain. 

Maintaining affordable rates will always be one of Berk’s top priorities, whether distributors are choosing products directly from our catalog or coming up with their own twist on a classic. Minimums for Berk’s custom solutions are among the lowest in the industry, ensuring that this option is within reach for distributors of any size.

Berk International: Guiding Distributors Every Step of the Way 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth overview of our unique, visionary approach to private label wipes, tissues, and paper towels (and our distributors’ positive experiences!). We may have reached the final step in our Roadmap to Success — but the journey is far from over. Check out our entire product catalog and fill out our site’s contact form, or give us a call to learn more about beginning a lifelong partnership with the experts at Berk International. We’re excited to get in touch with your team and to help you begin this new chapter.

Want to hear more success stories from distributors like you? Keep an eye out for the final article in this series — a case study featuring one of our paper towels, tissues, and wipes distributor partners that created long-lasting rapport with end users by following the Roadmap to Success.

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