Top Reasons Why Janitorial Wipes Are Essential Cleaning Supplies for Your Business

Top Reasons Why Janitorial Wipes Are Essential Cleaning Supplies for Your Business

In recent years, the world has been more intently focused on the importance of good sanitation practices. To that end, top-quality wipes are recognized as a vital part of effective cleaning and sanitizing. As part of a series of posts for our Berk International distributors, we’re examining the critical role of high-quality wipes in janitorial cleaning and sanitation. We’re also going to discuss why it’s crucial to choose a supplier who will partner with you to ensure that your customers get the best, most cost-effective Jan/San wipes for their needs.

How Wipes Are Used in Janitorial Cleaning and Sanitation

Next to cleaning and disinfecting solutions, wipes are the most essential sanitation tool in janitorial cleaning. They’re designed to tackle every surface type, from countertops and sinks to floors, walls, furnishings, and kitchen/bathroom installations. When necessary, janitorial wipes can even take the place of mops, brushes, and other cleaning tools.

At Berk, our janitorial wipes are durable enough for use with a wide range of cleaning liquids and solutions — from standard chemicals to eco-friendly formulas — without tearing or dissolving. This durability has always been and continues to be a hallmark of our products.

Best Types of Wipes for Janitorial Cleaning 

Janitorial wipes aren’t always a one-size-fits-all proposition. Each industry has specific sanitation needs, and the appropriate wipes must be chosen to meet those cleaning requirements. For general purpose Jan/San cleaning, clients need wiping products that are durable enough for a variety of applications and absorbent enough to handle all types of liquids, including chemicals, grease, and oils.  

We also understand the importance of providing an affordable product for our distributors. As responsible businesses know, cleaning supplies are the last place to try and cut corners from an economic standpoint. However, for some companies, it’s essential to conserve in this area. That’s why we’ve created a business model that enables us to provide you — and ultimately, your customers — with cost-effective wipes made of high-quality materials for all types of Jan/San uses. Our wipes are affordable yet made for extra durability and longevity.

At Berk, we specialize in providing superior janitorial wipes designed to perform in a wide range of uses. Be that as it may, each type has specific features to suit various designated applications. Here are some examples of Berk’s top janitorial wipes, with an overview of their characteristics:

PROformance® DRC

This 100% cellulose disposable wiper offers exceptional absorbency, extra softness, and a superlative wipe drying ability. It’s unmatched as a general purpose janitorial wiper and perfect for medium to heavy-duty Jan/San wiping uses.


This low-lint, latex-free disposable wipe is crafted from a combination of cellulose and synthetic materials. Ideal for light to heavy-duty Jan/San applications, it offers maximum wet-strength durability and absorbency.


This innovative wipe-and-bucket sanitation system allows end-users to apply their own cleaning solutions and create a customized, pre-moistened wipe. Ideal for Jan/San uses, these low-lint janitorial wipes have a high degree of strength and absorbency, making them particularly versatile for heavy-duty cleaning, surface prep, and degreasing.


Made of a blend of cellulose and polyester and virtually lint-free, these versatile janitorial wipes have superior strength and absorbency. This makes Spunlace ideal for soaking up water-based liquids, as well as chemicals and oils.


Scrim is made of strong, absorbent, low-lint tissue paper reinforced with a plastic web. These multi-purpose janitorial wipes provide super strength for all kinds of cleaning applications.


Made of a polypropylene-based melt-blown material, this low-lint wipe is ideal for critical wiping applications. It works wonders, especially for surfaces involving solvents, acids, chemicals, grease, and oil.

All of our Jan/San wipes are available in different packaging set-ups, including handy flat packs, quarter-folds, pop-ups, and a range of convenient roll towel options. 

The Berk Difference: Partnering with Quality and Customer Support

When selecting a supplier/bulk manufacturer for janitorial wipes, it’s essential to choose one that provides — and stands behind — a top-quality product and the information you need to make an educated choice. Berk strives to educate its distributors, so they can select the wipes that are best suited for their clients’ needs.

As one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of towels, tissues, and non-woven disposable wipes, Berk takes a hands-on, personalized approach to customer service that hearkens back to its beginnings half a century ago as a small, family-run business. Today, Berk’s customer service model remains the same, with a commitment to providing our distributors with top-quality yet affordable wipes for a range of Jan/San and other industry applications.

In keeping with this partnership, Berk offers our distributors in-depth sales training, including on-site personalized training from our team of professionals. This ensures that you’ll know exactly what to order and how to present each product to your customers.By providing affordable, high-quality wipe products coupled with superior customer care services, Berk International can be your source for intelligent wiping solutions for your customers. If you’d like to find out more, contact us at Berk to learn about our complete product line of janitorial and industrial cleaning wipes. We’ll be happy to set up a phone call to provide you with a quote and chat with you about our product

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