Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying Bulk Wipes, Paper Towels, and Tissues

Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying Bulk Wipes, Paper Towels, and Tissues

Welcome to another article in our exclusive series for distributors of wipes, paper towels, and tissue paper. We know you have to be discerning when deciding where to purchase your bulk products. Your clients and customers expect a certain level of quality and service – and so should you. Your supplier should recognize that their success depends on your success. A responsible paper towel and wipes manufacturer equips their distributors with the right kind of support, from providing industry-relevant products to helping build and maintain relationships with clients. Whether you’re looking for a private label wipes manufacturer in the USA or a full complement of tissue and paper towel products, we’ve put together the top five things to consider when choosing your manufacturer.

1. Check Which Industries Your Paper Towels and Wipes Manufacturer Supports.

Berk understands that distributors serve a wide variety of industries. With that in mind, our catalog contains products that suit settings from hospitals to the factory floor. Virtually lint-free wipes are ideal products for any place with computers or sensitive electrical equipment. Heavy-duty paper towel wipes are suitable for a range of industrial purposes, such as dealing with grease patches in an auto shop or blotting spilled chemicals in a pharmaceutical setting.

If you have a specific industry you work with, talk to your clients about their needs. Do they need tissue paper, as well as the wipes you already provide? Are there other opportunities to make more sales and improve your client-distributor relationship? Ask your manufacturer if they can give you the proper support to provide exactly what your clients need day after day.

2. Look for a Private Label Wipes Manufacturer in the USA.

Public label products are often desirable by individual consumers but rarely by your business clients. Restaurants, hospitals, and car mechanics want to know about quality and consistency rather than a famous name. According to Statista, over $150 billion in private label products are sold each year, and that number is increasing all the time.

Having a private label product means you always know what you’re getting – and so do your clients. With Berk, you can discuss what products are right for your distribution business and ensure they align with your business model. Berk will even help you develop or source a product on the rare occasion that they don’t already produce something perfect for your client’s needs. As a reputable private label wipes manufacturer in the USA, Berk can supply private label wipes for many purposes and industries.

Private label products help you build a unique brand image and reputation. They also help build lasting relationships with your clients, so they know exactly what to expect from you.

3. Find Out About Their Company Values.

Quality and value are essential, but so are corporate ethics. According to a recent Aflac report on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), 77% of buyers prefer ethical or sustainable products. Your clients will, at some point, be interested to know the story behind the manufacturers of your fantastic paper products and wipes.

Berk has an ethos of saving energy across all its facilities, employing technologies such as motion sensor-activated lights and insulation to avoid wasted heat. Also, we focus on minimizing waste, ensuring the chemicals used in our production process meet USDA guidelines, and we are constantly enhancing our existing processes to improve efficiencies.

4. Discover if Your Manufacturer Puts Their Distributors First.

The most important question you need to ask is: Does your bulk wipes manufacturer put its distributors first? Public and private label wipes manufacturers in the USA should be taking the role of their distributors more seriously because they connect buyers to their products. The more successful a distribution company is, whatever the size of that distributor, the more successful the manufacturer will be.

Berk recognizes this and always provides the highest level of bespoke customer support, treating each distributor uniquely based on their individual needs. From the very first conversation with Berk, you’ll notice that we take a highly personal approach to form a strong partnership that lasts.

5. Ask What Distributor Support Services Your Manufacturer Has.

Can your current bulk wipes manufacturer provide sales training and business model advice? Beyond personalized customer service, Berk offers in-depth sales coaching from professionals with experience in the field. Berk will talk to you about your existing demographics and the possibility of expanding your client base. We’ll also discuss the capacity and structure of your current business model. We’ll get into buyer personas, markets of interest, and how you structure your sales team, whether that’s just you or an entire team of professionals. As a successful private label wipes manufacturer in the USA, our sales team will visit you on-site to provide hands-on, personalized training where needed.

Berk International understands that distributors play the most crucial role in matching clients with the right products. That’s why we follow a five-tier distributor journey, from learning about the products in our catalog to creating custom solutions for your clients. To learn more about our unique distributor support, set up a phone call with Berk today to chat about the right products for you and your clients.

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