How to Find the Best Manufacturer for Bulk Wipes, Towels, and Tissues in the U.S.

How to Find the Best Manufacturer for Bulk Wipes, Towels, and Tissues in the U.S.

Welcome to another article in our series written specifically for distributors of wipes, paper towels, and tissue paper products. All distributors need a wipes manufacturer that they can trust and that provides them with a good range of high-quality products. But, what sets certain manufacturers apart from the rest?

We've highlighted the key factors distributors should be considering when choosing the right partner, whether that's a medical wipes manufacturer, a Jan/San wipes manufacturer, or a private label wipes manufacturer with a wide range of consumables. This quick guide will empower you to make the right decision with confidence.

The Critical Role of Distributors

Distributors are the critical connection between disposable wipes manufacturers in the U.S. and the end-users of the products. As a bulk tissues, towels, and/or wipes distributor, you are best placed within the industry to gather information about your customers' needs, changes within your customers' industries, and shifting demand for different product types and features.

Savvy manufacturers work closely with their distributors to ensure continuous benefits for both parties. This helps manufacturers keep their finger on the pulse of the ever-transforming U.S. market for disposable wipes in every industry.

The Qualities of a Great Disposable Wipes Manufacturer

How do distributors begin their search for the ideal manufacturer? Firstly, look to reduce shipping costs by finding a bulk wipes manufacturer located in the U.S. The starting point for many distributors is to Google terms such as "wipes manufacturers USA" or, for more specific inquiries, searches along the lines of "private label wipes manufacturer USA" or "medical wipes manufacturers USA." Once you have your list of potential partners, here are some differentiators to consider.

Product Quality

Low product costs are great at first glance, but value and quality are more important. Value means getting a great quality product for a reasonable price. Buying a product you believe in and trust means you can sell it to your clients with confidence.

Berk's product range, for example, provides high-quality non-woven paper towels and wipes ideal for most industries, from medical to automotive. Cellulose, plastic, and blended wiper materials ensure that the quality of every product is appropriate for each setting.

Company Values

According to recent corporate responsibility research from Aflac, Seventy-seven percent of consumers prefer to buy products linked to ethical or socially responsible companies..Does your disposable wipes manufacturer live up to that preference? One of the things to look out for isa manufacturer's sustainability practices. Do they invest in recycled or recyclable products? Are they transparent about their company's practices?

Berk proudly utilizes energy-saving devices throughout its facilities. Motion sensors ensure lights are only used when needed. Our facilities are carefully insulated to avoid energy wastage. A focus on efficiency means faster processing which uses less energy. We also employ waste minimizing practices to reduce the amount of garbage going to landfills. Lubricants used in the manufacturing process are USDA bio-preferred where possible. Ask your manufacturer for details on their sustainability efforts. Responsible wipes manufacturers will happily provide their distributors with this information.

Distributor Relationships

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a disposable wipes manufacturer is how they interact with their distributors. Aspects to research include:

  • Communication
  • Client services
  • Education around products
  • Support around customer relations
  • Reputation with other distributors

Ideally, a manufacturer should be more than just a faceless entity that delivers bulk amounts of industry-specific wipes. It should be a trusted partner that equips you to serve your customers best.

How Berk Meets Distributors' Needs

Range of Products

Berk has an extensive catalog that empowers distributors to expand the industries they serve or make a more profound impact within their existing industries. Berk provides tissues, towels, and wipes for the following settings:

  • Medical and optical
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing and general industrial
  • Food and hospitality
  • Janitorial and sanitation
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Science and technology

Berk is always happy to provide in-depth advice on the right products for a distributor's clients.

Responsive Customer Service

Just as you need to be responsive to your customers, Berk prides itself on giving world-class customer service to its distributors. Berk believes that customer service should be a company's top priority, and that providing the right expectations and support for distributors is the key to success.

Education and Training for Distributors

Berk International prides itself on providing a Distributor's Roadmap to Success. This guide takes distributors through a five-step journey including:

  • Learning about and distributing products from Berk's catalog.
  • Expanding the lines you stock and sell to meet customer needs.
  • Penetrating your markets levying Berk's industry sales solutions.
  • Building your brand with private label wipes and towels.
  • Creating your unique custom solutions with Berk's support.

Berk wants to know your clients as well as you do. That's because, with the right knowledge of your customer base, Berk can offer guidance about appropriate products and their key features and benefits, and even proven techniques to close sales.If you want to partner with a U.S. bulk towel and wipes manufacturer that creates meaningful relationships with its distributors, set up a call with Berk International today and find out how we can help you take your distribution business to the next level.

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