How Distributors of Disposable Wipes, Tissues, and Towels Can Establish Reliability Amid Supply Chain Challenges

How Distributors of Disposable Wipes, Tissues, and Towels Can Establish Reliability Amid Supply Chain Challenges

As a modern organization distributing wipes, paper towels, and tissues, your team has a lot on their plates. In addition to your usual responsibilities to end users, your business is tasked with navigating the complex reality of today’s supply chain issues. How do you continue to provide the same level of comprehensive service to your customers while also ensuring they can trust you despite rising freight costs, international shipping delays, and raw material shortages?

In this final installment to our six-part series providing valuable insights and resources to distributors of disposable wipes, tissues, and towels, we’ll share advice with industry players who want to increase their reliability amid supply chain disruptions. 

Promoting Consistency Despite Challenges 

In any industry, times of uncertainty create greater possibilities for serious operational threats —- like the inability to meet the product demands of your customer base. It’s during these times that end users value consistency from their product distributors the most. 

The Safety Cushion

Lack of control over supply chain issues can cause a sense of insecurity, but if a client’s resource flow is uninterrupted — even during difficult periods — they know they will be able to operate safely and securely, whatever challenges may arise. Building your own distribution pipelines with consistency top-of-mind will help you to cultivate client relationships based on trust and reliability. However, it’s not possible to create these workflows or nurture these dynamics without support from your own suppliers and manufacturers. 

A Chain of Stability  

It’s easy to see how an inability to fulfill demands would be a detriment to client relationships – but in order to constantly meet those needs, you need to have reliable product sources. Building a long-term partnership with a manufacturer who maintains consistency of supply is the best way to ensure you can meet supply chain issues head-on. 

After all, stability is a testament to your networking and team-building abilities — but no business in the manufacturing sector can provide this steady output of products and services without support. In order to foster long-term relationships with your customers by demonstrating stability and reliability as a distributor, you must first get those things from your manufacturer. 

The Capacity To Support Distributor Growth 

Berk International has come face-to-face with the effects of supply chain issues for many of our partners — but despite these challenges, they still deliver to their clients with confidence and ease. Berk wants their distributors to be able to grow their businesses and has the capacity to support that growth. Over the years, we have developed both our physical and educational scopes to the point that these wipes, tissue, and paper towel distributors can continue to thrive, even when it seems the odds are stacked against them:  

  • Working large-scale: Berk International has completed several initiatives to increase its production capacity since it began operations over 20 years ago. The company has grown to occupy a 275,000 square foot warehouse that holds 90,000 square feet of raw material, funneled through 20 production lines. Berk maintains 130 truckloads of raw material on the floor, ensuring its ability to be responsive to its international client base. There is an undeniable cushion of security that comes with being a partner to such a powerful production pipeline. 
  • Unmatched networking skills: Since the year 2000, we’ve worked hard to build rock-solid connections with raw material providers for our private-label wipes, tissues, and paper towels. Communication is key in manufacturing — and our long list of reliable contacts allows us to find other sources when one dries up temporarily due to supply issues. 
  • Deep product knowledge: Because we understand the specs and materials that make up every one of our extensive catalog items, we can quickly pivot when a product becomes less accessible to find an equally effective alternative for our distributors. 
  • All hands on deck: Our team offers in-person and virtual customer support. Regardless of your physical location, we’ll be able to call in and assist when a supply challenge arises. 

Overcoming Obstacles 

Even in tough times, Berk International can empower distributors to sell to their customers and seize opportunities where others are falling short. 

This ability was tested many times during the height of the global pandemic. One distributor operating during Covid-19 contacted Berk for assistance with a customer who was struggling to sell some of his products — and, consequently, to meet his revenue goals. What he needed was knowledge about which products were in high demand at the time, and the ability to deliver those wipes in bulk. 

Berk’s team supplied the distributor with the product information and capacity that their end users needed to increase their profit margins. Above all, Berk’s consistent supply and robust capacity help customers seize valuable opportunities — no matter the obstacles. 

The Berk Advantage 

Whether you’re looking to increase your client base or build your competitive edge through product knowledge, supply chain issues will not interfere with your goals if you have a partner with decades of manufacturing expertise on your side. Berk International provides comprehensive support to forward-thinking distributors occupying industry verticals like healthcare, food service, jan/san, aerospace, agriculture, and many others. We’d love to extend our advanced supply network and implement our Roadmap to Success for your organization. 

Ready to join our distributor base? Contact Berk for more information.

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