Hospital Wipes: How Effective Are Wipes in Healthcare Facilities?

Hospital Wipes: How Effective Are Wipes in Healthcare Facilities?

Within the past two years, the world has come to appreciate the versatility of top-quality wipes for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. As part of an ongoing series of posts for Berk’s distributors, we’re examining the features of different wipes and the benefits of using wipes in various applications. With this information, we’re striving to partner with our distributors to make these benefits and features better known to their end-user clients in the healthcare sector.

Disposable and non-disposable cleaning wipes have been crucial in the fight against COVID-19, yet not all wipes are alike. Besides quality differences, there are variations in construction, usage, and durability that each company must consider, along with their specific industry needs. For example, some customers utilize wipes to clean sensitive instruments, while others might use them for heavy-duty industrial cleaning purposes. 

As a leading manufacturer and marketer of tissues, towels, and non-woven disposable wiping cloths, Berk International is committed to providing distributors with optimal products to sell to their healthcare clients. Toward this end, Berk partners with its distributors to help their end-user customers understand that wipes for hospitals and other businesses are designed to serve specific purposes rather than provide a one-size-fits-all solution.

How Berk Partners With Healthcare Distributors

Medical and optical offices typically require gentle, low-lint cleaning wipes for sanitizing delicate instruments and medical equipment. In addition, hospital wipes need to adhere to numerous quality standards, including:

  • Durability and strength 
  • Enhanced absorption for water-based and non-water-based liquids 
  • Low-lint construction for sensitive equipment 
  • Appropriate sizing and construction for specific uses 

To help healthcare supply distributors (and ultimately, their customers) make the right choices, Berk has developed a consultative approach that provides full explanations and demonstrations of how each hospital wipe product works within its specific range of effectiveness. This approach provides distributors with the information they need to help their clients make an educated, informed decision on their choice of hospital wipes. 

Berk’s Comprehensive Line of Wipes for Hospitals

Berk provides a wide range of high-quality, durable healthcare cleaning wipes for hospitals and medical centers. These include:


These medical-grade dry disposable washcloths are made from Spunlace, Fluff Spunlace, Airlaid, DRC, Scrim, and Mightywipe material. They’re ideal for all kinds of patient care and cleaning/wiping in hospitals, doctor’s offices, medical clinics, healthcare centers, and assisted living and long-term care facilities. In addition, they’re highly effective for home care and school use.


This low-lint, latex-free, disposable healthcare cleaning wipe is made of cellulose and synthetic materials. It provides superior wet strength and absorbency, suiting many applications.


This virtually lint-free wipe for hospitals is made of a cellulose and polyester blend. It has greater strength and excellent absorbency for water, chemicals, and oils.


This innovative wipe-and-bucket cleaning system lets end-users add their own cleaning solution to create a custom wipe. In addition, these low-lint hospital wipes have excellent strength and absorbency, making them extra versatile for heavy-duty cleaning.

While these particular products are widely used as healthcare cleaning wipes, they’re also popular for use in other industries, including foodservice and aerospace. In addition, many of these wipes are available in a choice of heavy-duty, medium, or light substrates.

As for pricing, Berk wipes are designed to be affordable and cost-effective for distributors in every business and industry. When you call, Berk representatives are always happy to provide you with an immediate quote.

Intelligent Wiping Solutions

Wiper construction can vary greatly for different needs. For example, while medical offices and scientific research labs may require cleaning wipes with a softer touch, automotive and industrial sectors generally need rugged, polypropylene-based wipes for more heavy-duty cleaning. Likewise, the foodservice industry usually requires strong, durable wipes for degreasing and service prep, while educational facilities may need gentler wipes for sensitive computer screens and office equipment. 

Berk is committed to helping distributors communicate to their customers why it’s important to choose the right product for the job. Through the years, Berk has built a reputation for providing intelligent wiping solutions for its distributors by giving comprehensive guidance about the different wipe types, their functions, and how they can best serve each industry.  

As a corporate educator in its field, Berk also believes in setting an example regarding sustainable cleaning practices. Toward this end, Berk’s products are designed to provide environmentally friendly options to distributors who work with all types of industries.

Why Customer Service Is Key

At Berk, customer service isn’t just about processing orders — it’s about giving you the information you need to ensure that you provide the right products for your clients. Superior customer service also means offering fast and accurate delivery so that products arrive exactly when you need them.

In addition, Berk’s products come in various packaging types, including convenient rolls, popup wipes, perforated roll towels, flat packs, and interfolded wipes. By providing intelligent wiping solutions and including a full roster of cost-effective, high-quality wiper products coupled with superior customer care services, Berk ensures that your clients’ product needs are constantly being met.

To find out more, contact us at Berk to learn about our comprehensive catalog of industrial and hospital wipes, and be sure to ask for a quote about available products for your client industries.

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