Heavy-Duty Task Wipes, Tissues, & Towels for the Automotive Industry

Heavy-Duty Task Wipes, Tissues, & Towels for the Automotive Industry

It’s no surprise that heavy-duty task wipes, tissues, and towels have a large presence in the automotive industry. These tools are integral to getting personal and commercial vehicles on the road in working condition, as well as keeping new vehicles ready for purchase. But with so many important specialties involved from initial construction to handing over the keys, how can automotive distributors better understand the specific needs of their end users when deciding what to keep in stock?

In this new installment in our industry series, let’s delve into the types of products most commonly found in automotive manufacturing and maintenance — and Berk International’s role in helping automotive experts keep their spaces and vehicles clean, safe, and sanitary.

Keeping the Wheels Turning

As many distributors know, there is a thriving market for nonwoven wipe, tissue, and paper towel distributors to supply a large variety of products to auto repair, maintenance, and sales experts. While the automotive industry is one of the most likely to produce a mess throughout the work day, it’s also one of the most important to keep clean for the safety and enjoyment of drivers.

Vehicles pick up plenty of dirt and grime on the road, and they also involve oil, gas, grease, and other tough liquids in their operation. Paint shops, car dealerships, and other businesses need wipers on hand to clean grease and dirt, with the goal of keeping each vehicle looking spotless for future owners.

Besides presentation, the importance of cleaning car parts before and after assembly and repair cannot be understated. Sturdy cleaning and sanitation supplies are needed by auto manufacturers and machine shops to accurately inspect parts for defects, such as hairline cracks and corrosion. Auto body experts need wipers to help with blocking and sanding during car repair — sanding down and smoothing parts using a block sander, then wiping the surface clean to remove the leftover metal chips, debris, and other particles. A final clean of the car’s outer body is also necessary, since anything not cleared could end up inside the engine and pose a safety risk.

Wipers are even purchased by automotive businesses with the goal of handing them out as complementary tools to customers, a perfect example being the quarter-folded towels that are often available at car wash exits for owners to give their vehicles an extra dry-down if necessary.

Berk Products for the Automotive Industry

Essential Berk products can be found in the hands of hardworking automotive experts around the country. Here are the most common industrial wipes, tissues, and towels selected by our distributors to serve this industry:

  • SPUNLACE: A virtually lint-free wiper with superior strength and versatility, Spunlace offers excellent absorbency for water-based liquids, chemicals and oils in any auto body and mechanics application — from shop cleanup and part cleaning during construction to final wipedowns after the job is done.
  • MIGHTYWIPE®: This wiper is a strong, durable tool for auto manufacturers and auto body mechanics working with lots of grease and oil. The MW-60 and 70 lines are perfect for most use cases, and the powerful MW-80 can be found in many automotive manufacturing plants where safety from contaminants and hazardous substances during vehicle construction is non-negotiable.
  • PROFORMANCE® DRC: Made from 100% natural, bonded cellulose, this DRC nonwoven wiper is perfect to stock car washes for drying vehicles without scratching or damaging the body. PROFORMANCE® comes in flat packs, ¼ fold, and pop-up boxes for easy and convenient dispensing.
  • CUTNDRY®: This hand-drying roll towel has dispenser options for restrooms on site for auto manufacturers, maintenance crews, salespeople, and customers.
  • Eden Soft®: This high-quality, environmentally-conscious bathroom tissue is the perfect companion to CUTNDRY® for restrooms on-site at auto facilities.

Take the High Road With Berk International 

Berk’s decades-long history of supplying our most essential industries is possible thanks to our clear understanding of what each distributor needs for success. Our growing catalog of nonwoven wipes, tissues, and paper towels has a solution for every professional, from automotive and other industrial use cases to retail and food service. On-site or virtual sales training, tactile product guides, and a dedicated account success team are just a few of the resources you can look forward to benefiting from with Berk. Contact our team or give us a call for more information on joining forces with an expansive, supportive distributor partner today.

While Berk’s heavy duty products can be found in industrial and manufacturing facilities throughout the country, they’re just as common in the classroom. Learn more in our upcoming article, which will explore Berk’s impact within the education industry.

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