Confused About Wipes? Distributor’s Guide to Choosing the Best Industrial Wipes

Confused About Wipes? Distributor’s Guide to Choosing the Best Industrial Wipes
Welcome to the second article in our series of informative pieces for bulk wipes distributors! In our last article , we explored how industrial wipes came about and the range of industries that use them, and touched on the differences in types of wipes for a range of purposes across these different industries. You’ve probably heard of cellulose wipes, polypropylene wipes, and even latex-free wipes. But which works best for your customers? Let’s take a deeper look into industrial wipes used across various industries, and which products work best for specific tasks.

Janitorial and Sanitation

Jan/San is possibly one of the more complex industries to sell bulk wipes to. While they’re a great customer base thanks to their varied needs, knowing exactly what to offer for each customer can be challenging. You need to know:
  • What cleaning or maintenance tasks they’re performing
  • What types of chemicals they’ll be using
  • Whether their Jan/San wipe requirements revolve around absorbency, toughness, or a combination of both
To bring this into a clearer focus, it helps to understand a little about the difference between types of industrial wipes. Two common types of wipes are cellulose wipes — made from sustainable products like wood pulp — and wipes made from a combination of cellulose and polypropylene. Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber, and wipes made with this last a lot longer and can deal with much more rigorous tasks including cleaning, polishing, applying harsh chemicals, buffing, and scrubbing off dirt and stains. A good example of this type of wipe is the MIGHTYWIPE®, which is a non-woven, low-lint wipe ideal for a range of heavy-duty tasks. Cellulose wipes like DRC are made from 100-percent natural fibers, which makes them much weaker and less suited to scrubbing and rubbing. However, their absorbency factor is much higher, soaking up around 90 percent of spilled fluids after one touch. They also wipe surfaces completely dry, making them an ideal addition to the Jan/San tool kit. Most janitorial professionals will want a mix of these wipes — cellulose for spills or pooled fluids, and mixed fiber for tough cleaning problems. Engaging in a dialogue with your customers helps you find out exactly what their needs are. If you’re still unsure which wipes suit these jobs best, talk to Berk, whose friendly team can advise on the right wipe for every situation.


The hospitality industry needs to be on top of their hygiene game, particularly while they’re trying to bounce back from the lows of the pandemic. Showing that they’re safely and efficiently cleaning every surface and dealing with kitchen and janitorial cleanliness to the highest standards is the cornerstone of boosting the public’s trust. Restaurants might want wipes they can infuse with solutions ideal for cleaning down kitchen surfaces, but they’ll also want cellulose wipes for spills, and durable solutions like MIGHTYWIPES® for burned-on food or other dirt that requires vigorous scrubbing. Compatibility with a range of chemicals is vital, which is why Berk wipes aren’t treated before a sale, allowing your customers to choose and use their own cleaning or sterilizing chemicals. CHEMWIPES® utilize tough, mixed materials in a low-lint, non-woven wipe ready for your chosen detergents or cleaning chemicals to be added. This allows your clients to create a system of wipes that matches their restaurant's or hotel's needs.


Non-woven and low-lint wipes are ideal for many uses in the medical industry. That’s because, in areas where you can’t have any contaminants, even the smallest particles left behind by low-quality wipes can cause problems. There are a lot of electronics involved in most medical settings -- yet another reason to avoid lint and dust which can build up inside components and cause them to short-circuit or fail. MIGHTYWIPES® are just one low-lint solution, combined with the absorbency that comes from the combination of wood pulp and polypropylene. Melding these two materials also makes these wipes incredibly strong. You may also have medical customers interested in latex-free wipes to avoid sensitivities and allergies. MIGHTYWIPES® are latex-free, with no compromise on strength or absorbency. Of course, sanitation in medical settings goes beyond surfaces and touchpoints. Many facilities require safe and comfortable ways to clean patients or residents. Disposable washcloths are the ideal solution, as they help to prevent the spread of bacteria or viruses with the use of a new, clean cloth every time. Human Care Washcloths from Berk are a medical-grade solution, comfortable yet durable, and popular for medical, geriatric, and assisted living facilities.

Automotive, Industrial and Manufacturing

These heavier industries call for heavy-duty wipes. They’ll want wipes they can infuse with hand-safe detergent for quickly removing grease from dirty hands after dealing with a car engine. They may want heavy-duty polypropylene wipes which won’t rip or tear when wiping clumped oil from mechanical parts, or that can buff out a spot on a car bumper without creating a ton of lint or dust that can be problematic in a workshop area. But don’t forget that even in these industrial environments, these customers will need softer, more absorbent wipes that can deal with spilled water, chemicals, and oils. Providing the wrong wipes to your customers means they will not want to buy from you, the bulk wipes distributor, in the future. Handing your customer who works in a factory with heavy machinery a pack of cellulose wipes for every job? That won’t help them when there are mechanical parts that need de-greasing or oil stains that require a particular solvent. Once you can easily recommend the right wipe for the task, you stand a much better chance of repeat customers — plus, you’re building those all-important relationships with customers that can last for years to come. Need to know more about wiping solutions for your customers’ industries? Set up a call with Berk today and we can make sure you’re offering the right products to ensure repeat sales.

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