Disposable Wipes: What’s the Right Material for Your Application?

Disposable Wipes: What’s the Right Material for Your Application?

The use of disposable non-woven wipes has become more popular since the pandemic. Publications like Nursing Times note that disposables are much more effective at maintaining a hygienic setting than other methods. But even before the pandemic, many industries have been and continue to be absolutely reliant on professional wipers crafted from a range of specialist materials.

Next, in our series of articles for distributors of disposable bulk wipes, we look at which industries rely on these products and the differences between the various materials used for wipers – and how to help your clients choose the right solutions for their industry.

The Many Uses of Disposable Wipes

The market for wiping products is growing. Globally, it was worth $3.87 billion back in 2020 and is set to grow to $6.22 billion by 2028, which provides a huge opportunity for distributors. There’s never been a better time to focus on your distribution business, which means ensuring your industry and product knowledge is up to par so you can give your clients the best support.

So many industries need professional or specialist wipers. Medical settings, from small clinics to large hospitals, dentist’s surgeries, opticians, and even veterinarians need disposable wipes that they can use quickly and throw away safely to avoid the spread of infection. Reports from healthcare publications in 2021, including the well-respected Health Europa, showed that implementing wipes instead of washable cloths in healthcare settings contributed to a 50% improvement in cleanliness. There were also improvements in productivity thanks to not having to manage a hospital-wide laundering process. 

Industrial applications of wipes include needing to mop grease up, absorb spills, and scrub and polish car and engine parts, meaning that absorbency and durability are key considerations here. Understanding the features of wipes that your clients’ industries require helps you promote the right products, securing your reputation as a great distributor and boosting your bottom line.

Features of the Best Disposable Wipes 

Let’s take a quick look at the features of wipers that are most important to a few key industries.


Absorbency is the main feature most clients are looking for in their jan/san wiping products. Water and cleaning products need to be mopped up efficiently for safety and hygiene. Jan/san professionals may also invest in bulk wipes with added strength for polishing and buffing chrome taps and other surfaces.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Working in high-risk environments with various chemicals, greases, and machinery means investing in durable yet absorbent wipes. Automotive manufacturers or those working with factory floor equipment may need wipes that can handle strong solvents, such as xylene. Wipes used for polishing or cleaning mechanical parts need to be tough but not cause excessive dust or lint that could potentially lead to mechanical issues.

Hospitality and Food Service

As well as the usual jan/san requirements all hospitality settings have, restaurants and bars may also want easily accessible wipes in the kitchen area for quick clean-ups of greasy food or other spills. In a post-pandemic world, restaurants need to be highly efficient with their costs, so cutting out the laundry bill of reusable cleaning wipes could be a massive bonus – and a great selling point for you as a distributor.

Materials that Provide These Features

What materials should you be looking for to provide the best products for your clients? There's far more to consider than simply picking between cellulose or polyester wipes. Choosing the most suitable material depends on what features are essential to your client.


The most absorbent wipes tend to be made from cellulose. Cellulose, which is usually of wood pulp origin, creates a malleable, non-woven fabric for wipes that soaks up spills and moisture fast. This makes it an important choice for your jan/san clients, food industry locations like bars and restaurants, and many medical settings. Talk to Berk about DRC, our 100% wood pulp wipes that provide super absorbency at a great price.


When you need a stronger wipe for applications like cleaning manufacturing equipment or automobile parts, you want to look for wipes that contain synthetic fibers. These are much stronger than wood pulp alone, and different wipes will have different blends of cellulose and synthetic fibers to give various levels of strength and absorbency. Berk’s MightyWipe® range is 70% wood pulp with a reinforcement of 30% polypropylene, making it a more robust choice for your clients who need heavier-duty wipes.

Low Lint Options

Wiping with cellulose wipes can create small particles that settle on other surfaces or get into nooks and crannies that are hard to clean. For clients with highly sensitive electrical equipment, or even multiple computer systems, promoting low lint wiping solutions could be the way forward. Wipers with higher synthetic fiber content combine heavy-duty cleaning with a minimum of lint. Choices include Spunlace wipes and, for highly specialized settings such as laboratories, Polytex could be an option.

Customizable Wipes

In medical settings, the ability to imbue wipes with chemicals like an antimicrobial solution is a must. The ChemWipe® system combines cellulose and synthetic fibers, similar to the Mightywipe® material, for strong, absorbent, and completely customizable wipes. The wipes work on a refillable bucket system, making them a great value choice.

Choosing the Right Bulk Manufacturer

How do you get the greatest understanding of all these different materials and the industries for which they work best? By partnering with a bulk wipes manufacturer that supports and empowers its distributors to succeed. Berk provides:

  • Responsive customer support
  • A complete education and training solution for distributors
  • An extensive range of products for multiple industry requirements
  • The option to create private label products and cement your brand reputation as a distributor

Connect with Berk International and find out how we can elevate your bulk wipes distribution business to the next level.

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