Building on Your Foundation of Success With Berk: A Distributor’s Guide

Building on Your Foundation of Success With Berk: A Distributor’s Guide

As a distributor, your first few months of working with Berk International are focused on introducing game-changing products to your lineup and garnering some initial feedback on their performance in the markets you serve. After such a promising start, you may be wondering, what comes next?

Tissue, towel, and wipe wholesale distributors still have much to look forward to as they continue to integrate Berk into their game plan. Welcome back to this article series, where we’re going step-by-step down our Roadmap to Success and exploring the growth journey that awaits each Berk International wipe, tissue, and paper towel distributor. Building on the solid product and communication foundations established in the first stage, this article will delve into our next stop on the Roadmap — Expand Your Lines. 

Looking Back & Moving Forward: How Berk Prioritizes Next Steps

The longer you work with Berk, the more opportunities we have to share our extensive knowledge about how to best support your end users and extend your reach to different industries. So once the groundwork is laid and the initial orders are fulfilled, Berk is ready to build and expand on those beginning steps towards long-term success. 

As with any high-level business venture, communication is key — and your account executive and customer service team are just as eager to learn about your needs as we are to offer you customized advice to grow your distributorship. 

Capping Off The Month With A Full-Scale Review 

The Berk team works back and forth with each tissue, towel, and wipes distributor as often as necessary throughout the quarter. These regular interactions culminate in a monthly check-in, where our team receives feedback and delves into what’s coming next: 

  • Hearing Your Experience: First, we’ll review the success of your current product lineup and pay particular attention to how well Berk has been able to supplement or replace other wipes, tissues, and towels. Based on our experience with new distributor partners, we have no doubt that you’ll see how effective our products can be — even in a relatively short period of time!

  • Filling In the Gaps: During these consultations, the account executive learns more about the distributor’s business and the range of products they currently sell. If your team is in the beginning stages of entering a new market or revamping your current marketing and branding efforts, this is the time to let us in on your goals and see how we can help you. 

  • Looking to the Future: Finally, these well-rounded monthly check-ins are the perfect time to directly establish next steps with Berk. Based on the feedback you receive from your distribution base, our account executives can identify new opportunities for intuitive, customizable Berk products to make their way to your customers. 

Putting What Matters First 

By expanding your product lines with more top-grade wiper solutions, Berk is dedicated to ensuring that nonwoven wipe, tissue, and paper towel distributors can meet end users’ application needs and exceed their expectations. But beyond the products themselves, these valuable conversations are always had with the distributor’s goals and objectives at the forefront. 

Berk wants to ensure that you always see the next, most advantageous step forward — and as a team dedicated to helping you discover and realize your full potential, we’re ready to work with you to find the best solutions.  

A Golden Opportunity For Your Growing Distributor Base  

Berk International knows what it takes to create success. Starting out as a small business ourselves, we now offer over twenty product lines and an extensive production capacity. We’re just as committed to highlighting and strengthening your ability to innovate and forge new paths forward for the industries you serve — whether they’re engineering the future of air travel or welcoming hotel guests. 

Partnering with Berk International will give you exclusive access to game-changing perks for your distribution operations, including: 

  • A far-reaching network of manufacturers to help you navigate demand and remain efficient and competitive. 

  • Unmatched product education to help you understand which state-of-the-art products will serve your customers best. 

  • Private label wipes, tissues, and towels that perfectly capture your brand messaging, customized to your exact presentation and packaging needs.

Ready to learn more? Explore the information and resources on our website to see how we can support your success journey and help you meet your specific goals. Check out our product catalog, product finder, and cross-reference guide to learn about the full range of products we offer to wipe, tissue, and paper towel distributors. And when you’re ready to see our services in action for your business, we are just a phone call or message away! 
Keep an eye out for our next article in this series, which will move to the third step in the Roadmap to Success: “Penetrate Your Markets.”

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