Introducing CHEMWIPE®

Do you need a specific cleaning solution for your workspaces but don’t have pre-moistened wipes to get the job done?

CHEMWIPE® is Berk International’s disposable wiper and bucket cleaning system that allows end-users to add a chemical of choice to create custom pre-moistened wipes. These perforated rolls come in small and large sizes and are made from cellulose and synthetic materials. They have excellent strength and absorbency and are virtually lint-free. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty cleaning, wiping, degreasing, and surface prep.

Various surfaces can be cleaned with CHEMWIPE®, a versatile cleaning tool customized to fit any application. It's a great cleaning companion whether you work in the janitorial business or require high-quality disposable surface wipes in the institutional, medical, or food industry.
Need a heavy-duty pre-moistened wipe for industrial or automotive settings? CHEMWIPE® has you covered as it is available in a large industrial bucket system!

Here are the key features:

CHEMWIPE® Bucket Wiper System Specs:

CHEMWIPE® is available in white. The single-folded center-pull roll comes in cases of 6 perforated rolls. Each roll has 180 sheets measuring 6” x 12”, available with or without a bucket system.

The full-size center-pull roll available for use with Berk’s large industrial bucket system comes in cases of 6 perforated rolls. Each roll has 180 sheets measuring 12” x 12”, available with or without the bucket system. Refill rolls are available.

  • Add your cleaning solution for custom pre-moistened wipes
  • Durable
  • Absorbent
  • Virtually lint-free


  • Jan/San — CHEMWIPE® add-your-own-solution system allows janitors to create custom pre-moistened wipes, streamlining the cleaning process, and saving them time. In addition to being versatile, the system is cost-effective, reducing the cost of cleaning supplies in the long run.
  • Medical — Hospitals, clinics, and laboratories follow strict infection prevention protocols. You can use pre-moistened wipes to clean surfaces and medical equipment, or sanitize high-touch areas effectively. Depending on the application, medical staff can create customized wipes with the CHEMWIPE® bucket system, using various antiseptics or disinfectants.
  • Automotive — Cleaning tasks for automotive technicians include wiping down workbenches and degreasing engine components. With Berk's add-your-own-solution bucket and wiper system, they can mix and match their preferred cleaners to create customized pre-moistened wipes. The system ensures that the right solution, whether brake cleaner, oil remover, or general-purpose cleaner, is readily available.
  • Industrial —  From wiping off oil and grease to cleaning equipment and surfaces, CHEMWIPE®  handles diverse applications. Its absorbent properties make it suitable for spills, surface preparation, and general maintenance.
  • Hospitality — It's easy for housekeeping teams to use a mild cleaner, sanitizer, or grease remover to saturate the dry wipers. The system makes streamlining daily cleaning routines easier since multiple types of customized wipes can be created and used without any hassle.
  • Institutional — Student, employee, and visitor well-being depend on institutional cleanliness. The CHEMWIPE® system ensures consistent sanitation practices and safer, healthier environments.
  • Food Service — In the food service industry, workers perform various tasks, such as wiping down countertops and cutting boards, and sanitizing menus and payment terminals. CHEMWIPE®'s versatility provides the food service industry with the options they need for daily cleaning.

Key Benefits of CHEMWIPE® Disposable Wipes

  • Easy To Use: CHEMWIPE® is easy to use, and portable. Add your preferred disinfecting solution to the provided container, snap the lid back in place, and you have ready-to-use disinfecting wipes.
  • Perforated Rolls: Dispense one wipe or more, depending on the size of the area that needs cleaning. You can also reduce landfill waste by using only what you need. 
  • Customizable Solution: Customize your pre-moistened wipes to fit the application. This customization ensures that you’re using the right solution for specific tasks.
  • Versatility: The CHEMWIPE® add-your-own-solution and bucket wiper system brings versatility to cleaning. Adding a general cleaning solution gives end-users the flexibility to clean various surfaces.
  • Strength and Absorbency: The dry wipers are designed to be durable and absorbent. They pick up spills, remove grease, and clean surfaces streak-free as the material is virtually lint-free.
  • Cost-Effective: With CHEMWIPE®, you don't need to purchase pre-saturated wipes because you can add your own solution, creating a customized pre-saturated wipe. Businesses and organizations looking to optimize their cleaning processes can benefit from this cost-effective approach.
  • Closed Bucket System: A closed bucket system ensures that CHEMWIPE® maintains a uniform disinfectant concentration for longer.

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