Boost Cleanliness and Reduce Waste with DISPENSE-A-NAP – Your Innovative Napkin Dispensing Solution

Boost Cleanliness and Reduce Waste with DISPENSE-A-NAP – Your Innovative Napkin Dispensing Solution

Napkins are essential to the daily operations of many industries, from jan/san to food service. Clients who purchase napkins in bulk have several quality control factors to keep in mind to avoid repercussions — from wasted product driving up pricing and detracting from sustainability promises, to unsatisfactory product quality. As a distributor, stocking high-quality napkins and dispensers will help your end users see a significant benefit to their daily operations. ​​

Berk International’s napkin and dispenser products offer everything your client base could possibly need — from excellent quality to bottom-line value. Read on to learn more about DISPENSE-A-NAP and what makes this premier interfold napkin dispenser solution the best in the industry. 

An Essential Industry Tool 

We’ve all been there — while stopping at Starbucks or McDonald’s, you reach into the napkin dispenser and end up pulling out an entire stack when you only need a few for your drink or sandwich (or even worse, the same occurrence happening to customers all day has left all of the dispensers empty). Sometimes it doesn’t even matter that you’ve grabbed a whole stack, because the napkins fall apart so quickly that they're barely useful for their primary function — sanitation — in the first place. 

Many napkin products run into this twofold problem: napkins that aren’t built to clean any mess, and dispensers that cause unnecessary waste and a hole in the business’s pockets. DISPENSE-A-NAP is Berk’s reliable and sustainable alternative to the dispensers you’ll commonly see in chain and fast food restaurants, as well as office buildings. 

Primary applications 

While most napkin and dispenser purchases are made by jan/san, food service, and institutional clients, DISPENSE-A-NAP brand products are an asset for any industry with high-traffic food service needs or large bases of in-office employees. As a distributor with a wide range of end users, you may encounter other use cases for these intuitively-crafted tools.  


DISPENSE-A-NAP products mitigate common napkin mishaps by offering your clients these key advantages:

  • Reduced waste: An innovative, one-at-a-time napkin dispenser design reduces the likelihood that customers will take more napkins than what’s necessary (either by accident or on purpose). 
  • Increased hygiene: DISPENSE-A-NAP napkins are sufficient in quality as well as quantity. Designed with mess in mind, their premier material makeup increases hygiene and decreases consumption by ensuring each customer doesn’t need to grab a whole stack just to get the job done well. 
  • Staff convenience: Frequently refilling the napkin dispenser can be a nagging issue for those working behind the scenes to make a business run smoothly. DISPENSE-A-NAP dispensers’ high-capacity cases allow everyone to take what they want, without employees needing to crack open multiple packages throughout the day.  

Softness and Strength, Combined 

DISPENSE-A-NAP’s 2-ply, interfolded napkins for restaurant dispensers are soft like tissues, with the mess-tackling strength of toweling. The napkins are available in white or brown. Corresponding tabletop dispensers are also available for distributors to provide to end users.   


DISPENSE-A-NAP napkins are 6.5” x 8” and typically come in bulk cases of 6000 (12 packs with 500 napkins each). Berk International is more than happy to accommodate any special order or end-user consideration — for example, it may be more useful for your cases to hold double the usual size. We frequently customize orders based on individual distributor feedback, and our team is available to answer any product questions or concerns you may have. Let us design a dispenser program for you and your needs!

Learn more about DISPENSE-A-NAP

Interested in carrying DISPENSE-A-NAP napkins and dispensers for your invaluable client base? You can learn more about these and more intuitive solutions by browsing our product catalog, our cross-reference guide, or using our website’s built-in product finder

Put Your Trust in a Renowned Manufacturing Partner 

With over 700 SKUs, 20 unique production lines, and state-of-the-art equipment that operates 24/7, Berk International has everything you need to distribute top-tier standard, custom, and specialty wipes to your clients — and that’s only the beginning. We’ve made it our mission to offer elite customer service at every stage of the buying process, and to provide on-demand support as you handle customer concerns. Whether you need help reaching a specific audience or learning how to open your napkin dispenser, Berk has the resources and advice necessary for your success. We’re an all-in-one partner that maintains the same size and scope as our international competitors while carrying each wipe, tissue, and paper towel at a better price point and with customized solutions for your specific needs.

Contact us through our website or over the phone to speak to a representative about our wipes, tissues, and paper towels — or jump right in and ask about becoming part of our distributor family. And look out for our next article, where we’ll explore the features, benefits, and uses of CHEF’S SELECT® food service towels.

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