Back to Work? Check Out Our Office Cleaning Checklist and Tips!

Back to Work? Check Out Our Office Cleaning Checklist and Tips!

As the world is inching closer to a new normal, many offices are now finding themselves ready to open back up. Safety is most important when individuals might be skeptical around others. One way to ensure that employees feel safe is knowing how to clean an office thoroughly. These three tips will help you keep your office in the right shape!

Stay Organized!

When heading back to the office, it’s important to ask yourself how you want to approach your cleaning schedule. Staying organized is key to making sure that your workplace is a safe and welcoming environment.

Making a checklist that includes any needed supplies as well as your tasks will help keep you organized. Additionally, it will allow you to keep inventory to ensure you are up to date on your cleaning needs.

  • Floors: We recommend a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, as well as floor cleaning solutions
  • Surfaces: towels, disinfectant wipes, glass cleaner
  • General necessities: gloves, trash bags, sponges

Be Mindful of High Traffic Areas

Hallways, lunchrooms, and waiting rooms are all considered high-traffic areas. Cleaning these spaces more often will make your office feel more comfortable.

Vacuuming/sweeping hallways, taking out the trash, clearing off surfaces, and disinfecting shared counter and dining spaces are all important ways to keep these areas clean.

Light switches, doorknobs, and door handles are often some of the places we have to touch in our offices the most. Disinfect these areas many times a day to prevent the further spread of bacteria and germs. High touch areas also include sinks, faucets, hand railings, and elevator buttons.

Clean Your Keyboard and Monitor!

Oftentimes people focus on cleaning high traffic areas more than their individual workspaces. While they may seem more important, places like screen monitors and keyboards can harbor lots of bacteria.

Keyboard: While you’re typing away and taking occasional snack breaks as you work, your keyboard is collecting many of those germs in its nook and crannies.

To remove crumbs, dust, or debris, shake out your keyboard or use a can of compressed air. Also, grab a disinfectant wipe to wipe down the top of your keys which can hold a lot of germs too.

Monitor: Touch screens and large monitors are highly prevalent in the workplace. Like all office appliances, they need a thorough cleaning to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Use compressed air to clean out vents and other small spaces. Additionally, wipe down the monitor with a disinfectant spray and cloth. You can also use a glass cleaner for the screen.

In times like these, keeping your office cleaning checklist accessible can encourage people to keep their personal spaces clean. Public and private spaces are important to keep consistently clean to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Smaller, less time-consuming tasks are important to put in place when asking yourself how to clean your office. Take a look at our list of commercial cleaning supplies which can help keep your workplace clean and safe!

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