A Distributor’s Guide to Spunlace, Airlaid, and DRC Disposable Washcloths

A Distributor’s Guide to Spunlace, Airlaid, and DRC Disposable Washcloths

Finding a reliable supplier with enough choice to please your customers, enough volume to widen your profit margin, and the personalized services that meet your needs is one of the biggest challenges in modern-day distribution. Aside from an extensive catalog, the right supplier should have the knowledge and time to help you choose the best products while providing comprehensive education and sales support on their features, advantages, and best uses.

At Berk, we strive to be all of these things and more. Berk is known for supporting distributors with friendly service, quality products, wholesale pricing, and customized solutions that are sure to make your customers happy. With this overview of some of our best-selling washcloths, we hope to give you a glimpse into our wide selection, affordable prices, and superior service. 

Spunlace Wipes

Spunlace nonwoven wipes blend cellulose and polyester, which makes them durable even when wet. These wipes are virtually lint-free and preferred for their strength and versatility. Aside from water, they can effectively absorb oils, chemicals, and other liquids.

The construction of these wipes makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications in the cleaning, manufacturing, automotive, and medical industries. Berk's selection of Spunlace products includes pop-up boxes, dual dispensers, centerpull rolls, crumple boxes, jumbo rolls, flat, and quarter-fold wipes.

Berk empowers you to choose the perfect wipe for your application, which is why we offer a selection of smooth and creped textures in both blue and white. Pick your product, choose your dispenser style, and decide on the quantity you need. As one of the leading Spunlace nonwoven manufacturers in the USA, we provide distributors with the most flexibility and support at every step. 

In summary, Spunlace wipes are:

  • A nonwoven solution made from cellulose and polyester.
  • Capable of absorbing water, oils, chemicals, and other liquids. 
  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications due to their strength. 
  • Available in a white or blue and smooth or crepe finish. 

Airlaid Washcloths and Napkins

Berk offers dry disposable washcloths in various materials, but Airlaid is one of the most popular. Although paper-based, Airlaid is known for its soft, fabric-like feel, making it ideal for healthcare and hygiene applications. It is nonwoven and made from fluff pulp, which contributes to its texture.

Aside from disposable washcloths, Berk also offers a selection of Airlaid paper napkins, which feel more substantial and durable than standard paper napkins. Thanks to its texture and strength, Airlaid is ideal for home healthcare, jan/san, and hospitality applications. As one of the leading Airlaid napkins suppliers, we're proud to offer multiple sizes of this versatile product. 

To summarize, Airlaid washcloths are:

  • Paper-based, nonwoven wipes with a fabric-like feel. 
  • Soft to the touch, which makes them ideal for healthcare and hygiene applications. 
  • Strong and completely disposable. 
  • Available as washcloths and napkins in a variety of sizes and dispenser styles. 

DRC Disposable Washcloths 

DRC stands for "Double-Re-Creped," which means these disposable products have a cloth-like feel. They're a great alternative to Airlaid and offer a combination of strength and quality that makes them versatile and reliable. 

You'll find countless DRC products in the Berk catalog, including our line of PROformance® DRC wipes, which are made from 100% cellulose. These disposable wipes  can handle everything from medical applications to automotive, industrial, jan/san, and specialty applications. 

In addition to various weights, sizes, and dispenser styles, you can also choose between white or blue. Both offer the same excellent absorbency, which allows them to handle large spills and heavy-duty cleaning while remaining soft enough for patient care and hygiene purposes. 

All things considered, DRC washcloths are: 

  • A great alternative to Airlaid products.
  • Highly absorbent and ideal for large spills, cleaning, or patient care.
  • Manufactured using 100% cellulose to make them soft and strong.
  • Available in a white or blue finish.

Choosing The Right Product

At Berk, we strive to offer the widest selection and pair it with best-in-class customer service and pricing. Of course, with so many disposable washcloths to choose from, it's important that you understand the difference between these three popular options:

  • DRC is made from pure cellulose and offers a very soft feel. While it is strong, it does not have the same wet strength as Airlaid.
  • Airlaid has a special binder added into it, which gives it greater wet strength. While still soft, it has a coarser feel than DRC.
  • Spunlace is the strongest of all three options, but not quite as soft. Its strength and virtually lint-free nature makes it preferable for the manufacturing, automotive, and medical industries.

With over 700 SKUs in our catalog, it can be tough to find the best product on your own. That's why our team is available to answer your questions and provide additional resources to help you choose the best solution for your application. 

Partner With The Right Supplier

We're confident that our team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals will offer a fantastic experience for your business with our no-pressure approach. In addition to answering your questions, we can offer personalized guidance and tailored quotes based on your needs. We even provide a range of customization options to help you grow your business. 

Ready to learn more or order your free samples? Call us today at 866-222-BERK and speak with our team!

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