A Distributor’s Guide to Helping Customers Choose the Right Bulk Wipes, Tissues, and Paper Towels

A Distributor’s Guide to Helping Customers Choose the Right Bulk Wipes, Tissues, and Paper Towels

As a product distributor serving a client base of key players in your industry, your focus is on providing the best products and services possible. However, finding the right wiper product for each individual client’s unique needs can become a challenging task. Distributors contend with factors that extend outside their clients’ range of concerns, such as finding a consistent and fair price range for bulk wipes, tissues, and paper towels, and learning the qualities that differentiate each product. 

Distributors deserve the benefits of working with a supplier who understands — and has the capacity to work with — their specific needs. In this second installment of our six-part series providing valuable insights and resources to distributors, we’ll share guidance on how to find the best disposable wipes, tissues, and towels for each client's needs. 

The application approach: get specific   

The issue with so many large product suppliers lies in their inability to adapt to changing needs and circumstances. When you structure your processes around something other than the applications your distributors cater to, you risk being unable to assist when challenges inevitably arise. As a distributor, it’s crucial to find a supplier that works from a specific application approach to select the best wiper for each individual use case. This is the only way to ensure you are stocking and selling the products your customers actually need.  

Berk International may be a large supplier, but we provide individualized attention to each of our distributors like a trusted local business would. From the beginning of our work with a new distributor, we take the necessary steps to understand key information about your client base, such as demographics and location. Equally important is our commitment to learning the distributor’s own capacities and typical sales structures. With all of this combined intake, we organize our efforts to offer product specs and recommendations that will function best for your needs. 

Setting distributors up for success 

Knowing your customers inside and out is only the first step to creating the conditions for success. Each distributor also needs to be well-versed in the applications of various product options in order to understand and deliver the best bulk wiper options to their own clients. However, this knowledge only comes with adequate support from a service-focused supplier.  

Products and applications training

Berk International’s client onboarding process involves plenty of training on each product our distributors are looking to share with their client base. By the time they are ready to offer solutions to their customers, they understand the many formats each product is offered in, and the ways that each wiper can be utilized and adapted across a variety of industries — most importantly, within the ones they serve. 

Other opportunities for success

In addition to engaging training modules, there are other ways for distributors to ensure they are able to present their customers with specific and reliable wiper products for any application. When searching for a supplier, keep an eye out for partners who offer these opportunities: 

  • Private label: While public label products are static and not customizable, private label manufacturers leave room for adjustments when necessary.  
  • Custom items: Complex requests require innovative solutions, and providers that can adjust their products according to specific needs are especially valuable to distributors. 
  • Multiple sources: Suppliers with a wide range of manufacturer connections can find your customer base the exact bulk wiper product they are looking for, even during economic turmoil and especially if the request is complex. 

Hands-on support through any challenge 

Even the most knowledgeable and capable distributors will encounter challenges somewhere in their interactions with the businesses they serve. While these obstacles may slow down operations, they are far from unsolvable when you’re working with a dedicated supplier. 

In addition to product training, the Berk team is more than happy to provide hands-on support in real-time. Every feasible opportunity to travel locally and provide guidance on-site is taken advantage of, but given the national nature of our operations, this isn’t always possible. We set up virtual meetings with our distributors every day of the week to ensure they are getting the support they need. 

Comprehensive solutions from a trusted manufacturer 

As a leading supplier of bulk wipers across the United States, Berk has come a long way from its humble beginnings selling old t-shirts to the automotive industry. We have since made sweeping transformations and now offer training, knowledge, and resources for distributors meeting the needs of customers in automotive, healthcare, jan/san, agriculture, education, and other key industries. We’re proud to support our distributors through any challenge they may face and would love to offer your team the same level of exemplary service.   

Visit our website and contact Berk for more information about choosing wipes, tissues, and paper towels for your supply needs — and look forward to our next article, where we’ll explain the game-changing differences between purchasing from a vendor and partnering with a full-fledged manufacturing wiper solutions provider. 

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