Are you a business in Pennsylvania that is tired of googling “wholesale paper products near me?” Are you looking for the best bulk wipers in the industry? Well, look no further, because Berk International is here to make your life a lot easier. Every business deserves to have top-quality wiping solutions and that’s why Berk International offers a wide range of intelligent solutions specifically for you and your business. Here at Berk, we understand that every business is unique. As a solution, we offer a large variety of standard, custom, and specialty wipes to a broad range of industry needs. We supply products to a number of industries and even have specialized wiping solutions. We strive to make running your business easier for you and that’s why Berk International brands are in demand. 

Berk International Products

Whether it’s paper towel dispensers or disinfectant wipes, Berk International has you covered. Every business needs wipers, so why not enjoy what you get? Our products are customizable and are available in a light, medium, and heavy-duty basis weight. We understand that along with quality, many businesses value environmentally friendly products. Berk International specifically designed a few products for our customers who prefer recycled toweling and want to help create a cleaner environment. Some of our products are even available in different colors! Our quality products at Berk International are very versatile, which allows us to work with many different people and industries. These industries include industrial, automotive, jan/san, manufacturing, environmental, medical, aerospace, health clubs, fitness centers, gyms, spas, hotels, physical therapy facilities, medical, technology, optical businesses, and much more. We might even carry a product that is specific to you and your business, such as our TechWipe® for optical glasses and lenses or our Fitness Wipes created for disinfecting fitness equipment. Take a brief look at an overview of our wide range of products below.

  • PROformance ® DRC
  • SCRIM Continuous Roll Towel
  • Yellow Dust Cloths
  • PolyTex
  • ChemWipe Bucket Wiper Dispensing System
  • Fitness Wipe
  • TechWipe ® Specialty Take Wipe
  • Human Care ® Disposable Washcloths
  • Windshield Towels
  • Chef’s Select ® Food Service Towels, 
  • Chef’s Select ® Linen Replacement Napkins and Guest Towels 
  • Chef’s Select ® Food Fresh Liners
  • The Knit ® Towels
  • Dispense-A-Nap™ Dispenser Napkins
  • CUTNDRY TAD ® One-Pull Premium Tad Rolls
  • Centerpull Roll Towel
  • Hardwound Roll Towel
  • Y-Notch Hardwound Roll Towels
  • Bathroom Tissue – Junior and Jumbo Rolls and Small Core Rolls
  • Universal Toilet Seat Covers
  • Centerpull, Dispense-A-Nap ®, and Jumbo Roll Dispensers

The endless days of searching for the perfect bulk wipes for your business are officially over! Berk International is here to supply you with a range of intelligent wiping solutions that will fit your every need no matter what it may be. Are you ready to place your order with us at Berk International? We look forward to working with you and your business!