At Berk International, we develop sustainable wiping solutions to create a world of products that are sustainable and energy-efficient. Sometimes, using a napkin may be guilt-inducing, especially with all of the information we know about paper products and their impact on the environment. Luckily, Berk International is here working around the clock to provide you with the most sustainable, eco-friendly napkins and other products. By buying our products, you can help support a company that works every day to lower its environmental impact. Through a combination of energy-saving, recycling, and waste-consciousness efforts, we can utilize practices that incorporate energy efficiency and recycling into all aspects of what we do. 

What Types of Sustainability Practices Do We Utilize?

At Berk International, we utilize a wide variety of sustainability practices in all aspects of what we do. From the physical materials we use to the production aspect, we work every day to ensure that our environmental footprint is as low as possible. Here are just some of the many practices we enforce to be as sustainable as possible:

  • Low voltage, energy-efficient lighting throughout in the manufacturing and warehouse 
  • Motion sensor lights
    • Areas in our warehouses that are not as busy have lights that turn on/off on their own based on activity.
  • Spray foam roof system
    • Help keep the temperature in check and minimizes heating costs
  • Insulated windows
  • Landfill free products are either:
    • Recycled
    • Used to produce more energy for other operations
  • 100% Recyclable Materials used for cardboard products 

When shopping with Berk International, you can ensure that you are shopping eco-friendly. Instead of hiding our production process from you, we work to create the most sustainable production process possible so that we can be completely transparent with our customers. As we work every day to increase our sustainability efforts, we will always let our customers know what we are doing. 

Why Choose Berk International for the Best Eco-Friendly Napkins in the Pottstown Area?

At Berk International, we put sustainability first, so that we can provide our customers with the highest quality wipers, towels, tissues, and more. No matter what kind of a mess you are looking to wipe, our paper products are always reliable, and never fail to get the job done. At Berk International, we put the environment first so that you don’t have to feel bad about purchasing our products. Through being transparent with our customers, we constantly emphasize our continuing efforts to lower our environmental footprint. Every aspect of our production process, from the design of our warehouses to the actual materials used in our products, is created in environmentally conscious efforts. So, next time you need to buy a wiping product, look no further than Berk International’s eco-friendly napkins for the best of quality, low environmental impact products. To order products or learn more about what we do, visit our website or call us today at 866-222-BERK.