At Berk International, we come up with sustainable wiping solutions so we can create a world of wiping products that are sustainable and energy-efficient. We know that sometimes using wiping products can be guilt-inducing, as they often carry with them the reputation of being bad for the environment. Well, here at Berk International, we create the highest quality products with the lowest possible environmental impact so that you can find products you like and feel good about using. If you are looking to purchase wipes in bulk, purchasing your products through Berk International can ensure that you are shipping both economically and ethically. 

Berk International Wipe Dispenser Buckets

Here at Berk, we offer a wide range of bucket wiper dispensing systems so that you can have a choice in the types of wipers you purchase. We offer products varying in size, amount, and bucket size depending on your needs. By utilizing our signature MIGHTYWIPE ®, we can ensure durability and effectiveness that will not fail to satisfy your needs. Additionally, our wiper buckets give you the freedom to choose what kind of chemical you want your wipes to be moistened with so that you can personalize your system to your satisfaction and specific needs. Some of the bucket wiper offerings we make include: 

6″ x 12″ x 180 Sheets, 6 Rolls, Perfed, 1 Bucket

12″ x 12″ x 90, 1/2 Folded Sheets, 6 Rolls, Perfed, 1 Bucket

9″ x 12″ x 275 Sheets, 3 Rolls, Perfed, 1 Bucket

Each product comes with its own unique size sheets depending on your needs and a chemical solution of your choice so that you can personalize your bucket! If you are in the Reading area and are looking for quality, reliable, eco-friendly wiping solutions, look no further than the products at Berk International!

Why Choose Berk International for the Best Eco-Friendly Wiper Dispenser Systems?

At Berk International, we put sustainability first so that we can provide our customers with the highest quality wipers, towels, tissues, and more. No matter what kind of a mess you are looking to wipe, our paper products are always reliable and never fail to get the job done. At Berk International, we put the environment first so that you can feel confident about purchasing our products. Through our transparency with our customers, we constantly emphasize our continuing efforts to lower our environmental footprint. From the design of our warehouses to the actual materials used in our products, every aspect of our production process is created with environmentally conscious efforts in mind. So, next time you need to buy wipes in bulk, look no further than Berk International for the best, low-impact wiping products. To order products or learn more about what we do, visit our website or call us today at 866-222-BERK.