At Berk International, we understand that running a large manufacturing business can have a negative impact on our environment. That is why we focus on being sustainable and reducing our environmental impact in every aspect. Every day at Berk International, we work towards protecting the environment and finding new ways to improve our manufacturing sustainability. In terms of day-to-day sustainability practices, we carry out several recycling, energy-efficient, and waste reduction programs to work towards bettering our environment. Here at Berk International, we have also incorporated eco-friendly paper products all while maintaining our top quality that customers know and love. If you or your business is located in Delaware, Berk International is the perfect place to find intelligent wiping solutions that are also environmentally friendly. 


Berk International has implemented several techniques to become more energy-efficient in our warehouses. We have installed low voltage T-5 lighting throughout our manufacturing and warehouse operations. In places where there is not much action, we have introduced motion sensor lights. We have updated our equipment to increase production and decrease working hours. Lastly, Berk International has installed insulation throughout all of our windows in the warehouse and offices to reduce the cost of our heat and increase the energy we save.

Recycling Program/Landfill Free

At Berk International, we have incorporated a new system of recycling to maximize our energy production and become landfill-free. If our production and office waste is not recycled in a traditional way, we use it to produce energy in our other manufacturing operations. Your typical materials such as plastic, cardboard, metal, aluminum, tissue, toweling, and all nonwovens are both recycled and baled. To ensure that we are practicing recycling on a smaller scale, we have placed recycling bins throughout our warehouse for our employees at Berk International.

Sustainable Practices

It is very important to us at Berk International to use eco-friendly paper products, so we make sure to incorporate sustainable practices in every aspect possible. All cardboard boxes and most tissue and towel products are made from 100% recycled material. In our offices, we strive to be completely paperless wherever possible. Our recycled film is used for our poly wrapping. Lastly, when it is feasible, we make sure to always use green cleaners and lubricants certified by the USDA Bio-Preferred Program. 

Since waste reduction directly impacts the environment in a positive way, we recycle our waste and do not use landfills. We have an important and great responsibility at Berk International to help our environment and implement sustainable solutions whenever it is possible. That is why we strive to come up with new ways to lower our environmental impact every single day while still maintaining our quality products that customers know and love. You can also place an order with Berk International today to make your business environmentally friendly too! We can’t wait to work with you and your business in the Delaware area!