Why Become a Berk Distributor?

Why Become a Berk Distributor?

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How much can you reasonably expect from your wipe, tissue, and paper towel supplier(s)? The truth is, there is a world of difference between simply placing orders with a basic product provider, and collaborating with a dedicated manufacturer partner.

By choosing Berk International as your source for the best nonwoven wipes, tissue, and paper towels on the market today, you expand the horizons of your distributor operations through tailored education, resources, and support — all based on your product capacity, customer demographics, buyer profiles, sales structure, markets of interest, and more!

With just one click, explore the key benefits of being a Berk distributor:

  • Consultative education for your whole team
  • Trust and reliability amid supply shortages and other challenges
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • An industry-leading production capacity
  • First access to product innovations
  • A comprehensive distributor sales success program
  • And more!

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