Are you part of a business in New Jersey interested in the idea of buying in bulk? Are you looking for the best place to find commercial toilet paper for your business in New Jersey? Well, look no further, because Berk International offers top-quality bathroom tissue products in bulk. For over 35 years, Berk International has been satisfying the needs of its customers through converting disposable wiping cloths. Although we are currently a leading manufacturer, we are continuously regarded as one of the fastest-growing wiper converters in the United States. Whether you’re in the jan/san, industrial, healthcare, food service, automotive, electronic, or aerospace market, buying your products in bulk can reap many benefits for your business. 

Bulk Bathroom Tissues at Berk International

Every business needs bathroom tissues, so why not buy them in bulk? Buying commercial toilet paper in bulk lowers service intervals and decreases the chance that you’ll run out. Berk International offers a wide range of bulk bathroom tissues. Whether it’s toilet seat covers or a jumbo roll of bathroom tissues for your toilet paper dispenser, we’ve got you and your business covered. We know every business has different needs, so our products can be customized to your liking. Being environmentally friendly and practicing sustainability is important to us at Berk International, so our bath tissues are made of 100% recycled paper and 40% post-consumer waste while never sacrificing our quality. Here at Berk International we only create top-quality products, so your business is guaranteed to receive the best. 

Why Should You Buy in Bulk?

As a business, buying in bulk can be a very smart decision, especially when it comes to spending less money and saving precious time. It can help you save money both daily and in the long run, since buying in bulk lowers the cost for each unit you purchase. Next, buying in bulk can help you avoid running out of products. Nothing is worse than realizing you have no more toilet paper left. Lastly, buying in bulk can help save the environment. Buying in bulk saves you time to work on the more important stuff. Your business can go from spending an hour each month buying bathroom tissues to one hour every six months, or even a year if you start buying in bulk. Those extra hours can be spent making important business decisions or creating new products. Bulk products require a lot less packaging, which can lead your business to produce less waste. Also, buying in bulk means that fewer delivery miles are traveled, which leads to less pollution. 

You can expect nothing but top quality when purchasing Berk International bathroom tissues. Make the switch to buying in bulk and reap the many benefits for your business today with Berk. Contact us to place your order today. We can’t wait to work with you and your business in the New Jersey area!